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Ferro Technologies, Inc., “FERROTECH”, was established as a Pennsylvania corporation in 1992, located at the University of Pittsburgh Applied Research Center, to conduct research and development of new and improved chemical processes and products used for application of metallic and organic coatings to metal substrates.



FERROTECH has specialized in ferrous metal surface preparation prior to hot-dip coating, electroplating or application of organic coatings. In the process has developed a number of unique and novel processes, proprietary chemical and coating materials.



FERROTECH licenses its technology and/ or sells its proprietary products and will contract our research and consulting services to support related technological problems encountered within our field of expertise. In the area of NEW process and/ or New product development FERROTECH offers the service of evaluating any or all aspects of an operation, from surface preparation through coating and post treatment, will recommend methods of improvement or will develop a new chemical process, if required.